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About Us

Epocrates Medical & Research Center MD, P.A. is a clinical research group dedicated to improve medical treatment options to find new and better ways to answers difficult scientific or health questions in the process of understanding, controlling, detecting, and treating health conditions. We are located in South Florida. We work with patients at Miami area and throughout the US by offering a variety of clinical research trials in order to gather new knowledge that will help in the advance of medical care for people in the future and bring hope to patients worldwide.


Our site is owned by the PI who is a board certified physician so if you want seriousness and PI easy accessibility this is the ideal spot to come.

At Epocrates Medical & Research Center volunteers’ safety, satisfaction, quality of care, and reliable data for our sponsors are the main goals of all personal involved in the medical trials.

The Principal Investigator takes time to listen to each patient’s concern and answer all the questions about the whole medical trial process. Our nurses educate the patients and provide 24 hour support.

All of our doctors are board certified and are strictly adhered to the ethic of research and FDA guidelines. Our personal, including regulatory specialists, nurses, clinical research coordinators, and technicians are trained to provide care and coordination for the clinical research trials.

Our Principal Investigator Fernando Augusto Fernandez, MD and the sub-investigator Sandor Andres Romero Basso, MD have more than 5 years of experience working with different sponsors in the pharmaceutical industry such as:


You may be compensated for your time and participation .We provide free transportation if needed it.

For your convenience we speak Spanish / Para su conveniencia hablamos Español.

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